Shenzhen Tongye Technology Co., Ltd.

SINCE 2000

Established in 2000, Shenzhen Tongye Technology Co., Ltd. 

(hereinafter referred to as the "Tongye"),is a national high-tech

 enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacture, sales and maintenance 

services of rail transit electrical equipment products. Tongye officially 

became a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Market Exchange in 2021 

(stock code: 300960). Headquartered in Shenzhen, Tongye has wholly 

owned subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changchun 

and its sales and maintenance service stations network cover the whole country.



To be an excellent auxiliary system supplier by continuous innovation and provision of high quality power supply, control, fan products and services for the rail transit industry.


To provide an platform for Tongye staff to realize their dream, career and interest, To be a longevous enterprise in the rail transit industry

Business Idea

Helping employees' growth, serving customer with heart Paying back shareholders continuously, Establishing a good brand image

Management Principle

Familiar with customers' needs; Fast and efficient service; Safe and reliable design; Scientific quality management; Fine procurement and manufacturing; Reasonable cost control; Innovative talent management; Built an elite team;

Innovation Strategy

Pre-research one generation, develop one generation, maintain one generation; be the practitioner of user-led innovation.

Working Spirit

Rule compliance and self-discipline spirit are advocated. Dedication and self-driven spirit are encouraged.

Chairman's address

Welcome to Tongyewebsite! Thank you for your attention and support to Tongye!

Since its establishment, Tongye has been actively engaged to introduce, digest, absorb 

and develop the cutting-edge technology of international rail transit industry more than

 twenty years. With decades of unremitting efforts, Tongye develop a series of domestic 

leading electronic components with independent intellectual property rights, covering 

power supply, control, network, communication, fan, motor and others productsused in 

the rail transit industry. With its excellent performance and stable quality, Tongye's products 

are highly praised and approved by users and became the first-tier component manufacturer

 in the rail transit industry.  

In face of the new situation, challenges, new opportunities, Tongye will inherite Shenzhen's 

spirit to embrace the world with an open mind and dare to be the first in the world, just like 

where it is located. We have faith that with the accompany and support from our friends and 

the continuously united efforts of staff, Tongye will surely grow rapidly, master the world-class 

core technology and become an excellent auxiliary system supplier in the rail transit industry.

The grand blueprint begins with down-to-earth steps, Tongye sincerely welcome all the talents

 and friends from all walks of life to join together and make contribute to the modernization 

of the rail transit industry of the country.


Production control

Emphasis on multi-skilled training; flexible and controllable plan execution system; agile and efficient "MES" production and execution information management.

Quality control

Strict application of ISO/TS 22163 quality control in the whole process of R&D, project management and sales

Supply chain

Complete supply chain management system, customer-oriented, application of modern information systems (ERP/MES, etc.) to respond to customer needs quickly, agilely, flexibly and collaboratively.

Pre research technical team

Focus on the R&D, centre on core, leading technology and product innovation to realize new product technology that is more advanced, more reliable, and cost-effective, and build a professional, innovative, Specialized and Sophisticated brand.

Product development technical team

Develop railway products efficiently, centering on high efficiency and applicability, respond to market and customer needs quickly and undertake the transformation of pre-research results.

Maintenance technical team

Install, upgrade, and repaired of the existing railway products, focus on customized and localized services.

Annual yield capacity - TGY power supply cabinet series

Newly made:4000 units/year; Repaired: 6000 units/year.

Annual yield capacity-Train power supply cabinet series

Newly made:2000 units/year; Repaired: 1000 units/year.

Annual yield capacity - Auxiliary Inverter

Newly made:1500 units/year; Repaired: 500 units/year.

Annual yield capacity -LCU

Newly made:15000 units/year; Repaired: 5000 units/year.

Annual yield capacity -EC fan

Newly made:20000 units/year; Repaired:15000 units/year.

Annual yield capacity - Motor

Newly made:23000 units/year; Repaired:15000 units/year.

Research & Development Capability

Hardware design: Analog circuits, digital circuits, system circuits.

Research & Development Capability

Software design: Modular design, SIL certificate, Object-oriented development language

Research & Development Capability

Structure design:International Welding System Certification, Intensity calculation, Thermal design analysis, Three-dimensional simulation

Research & Development Capability

Process design: Electromagnetic compatibility design, Electromagnetic compatibility design, Wiring process


Products Services

LCU of SIL4 level installed in non-driver metro 

Corporate Governance

Changchun Subsidiary was established

International Cooperation

Built business cooperation relationship with Siemens


Products Services

Power supply cabinet massively installed

Corporate Governance

Officially became a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Market

Chengdu and Wuhan Subsidiary was established


Products Services

DCDC inverter into used

Corporate Governance

Gangzhou Subsidiary was established


Products Services

APS product installed in Tram

Corporate Governance

Entered the stage of IPO guidance in 2019

International Cooperation

Produce fan motor products of High- speed trains for Siemens and Mahle


Corporate Governance

Completed of Second-Level partner selection


Products Services

Maintenance service station established


Manufacture and supply Electronic and fans motor products for Feiveley


Products Services

EC fans first installed in trains

Corporate Governance

Established Shijiazhuang Subsidiary and listed in the”New OTC Market”


Products Services

LCU products for metro massively installed in trains

Corporate Governance

The stakeholder restructure was completed and built company co-founder pattern

International Cooperation

Joint works with SMA for power supply products


Products Services

Super capacitor charging cabinet into use

International Cooperation

Cooperated with Knorr-bremse for tram APS, intelligent controllers AC related power supply products


Products Services

Power supply cabinets products installed in bulk in trains


Products Services

The first power cabinet is landed in the AC locomotive

Corporate Governance

Corporate management structure was implemented


Products Services

APS products for Metro into Mass Production

International Cooperation

Joint work with Siemens for APS products


Company founded, engaged in DC Locomotive products